“How to make money blogging”Lots of folks keep asking is it still a good idea to get into blogging? is blogging profitable? ?. I have an answer for you, how to make money blogging?the short answer to this question i am going to say No blogging is not worth it, and the long answer to this question is yes blogging is still worth it, and its profitable.

It’s no doubt that in our present 21st Century there are billions of blogs in the blogosphere if one really wants to succeed blogging he has to understand how blogging works now compared to before

Now Google Adsense policies have changed, there is more competition on the web lots of people getting in to blogging, this often makes newbies to pack their load and leave the world of blogging because they can’t cope with the status quo of how blogging works

Its not easy learning how to make money blogging, how to become a successful blogger and make a living off blogging or even how to create a blog that earns money in the first place, one has to struggle and work hard to make it out of blogging

i bet you if you keep on blogging in the old fashioned way you won’t make it out of blogging and that is why i said blogging is not worth it in the first place.

in the other way round Blogging is worth it and profitable if you understand the basics of how blogging works now, you can’t be using the same old way our grandparents used in their old school days, of cause not things don’t work that way anymore.You may have to be advanced and use latest techniques of blogging to make a living off blogging.

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Today i am going to reveal to you important facts about blogging and how to make money blogging that you must do if you want to succeed in blogging in our time now

How To Money Blogging

I want you to read this important tips about how to make money blogging and very well till the end, and trust me if you apply them out you will see results and be like wow if only i knew this earlier

1. Be Creative

What is creativity? Creativity is special kind of feeling or thinking that breaks away from ones to produce something new, creativity is all about creating something new or bringing into existence something that has never existed before

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As a blogger, you should be creative because your creativity can earn you more traffic and make you different from your competitors

Who are your competitors?
without speaking much grammar let me cut it short here, your competitors are people blogging in the same niche with you. they are nothing but like your classmates in the school of blogging,

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Your ability to succeed is simply by doing what your competitors are not doing or even doing what they are doing but then doing it far better than them

while your competitors are blogging and killing themselves about keywords that are very competitive you are busy blogging about the less competitive ones but will still drive traffic

for example instead of going for the keyword “How to approach a girl” i will decide to use “How to approach a girl in school” sounds cool isn’t it?

As a project student in the university i was made to understand that creating or writing a project you must ensure you that you are able to solve a problem or better still modify something you shouldn’t go and copy someones work your supervisor will never approve it

In the same one copy and paste blogging might not take you to the promised land.

2. Create Video Based Content

If you are a blogger and you only depend on text based content i encourage you to start create video base contents after reading this article

text based contents might not work well for you imagine introducing your blog to me and like “hey this is my blog post read it” Things don’t work that way anymore

In our century now everybody has a mobile phone, if you an a digital marketer or entrepreneur i want you to create videos of your products and send them on social media let people be able to view your products by watching videos and even downloading and saving them in their mobile devices

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in that way you are going to develop more visitors, connect to more people and make more sales

3. Update Your Contents

we all know that content is king, but how can content be king when you are not even updating your contents?

Updating your content is an important factor in blogging that can never be underestimated, i noticed most bloggers feel so lazy to update their content regularly

I encourage you as from today to keep updating your contents as soon as possible do some research and find out about more information that are needful and upload them in your blog post

nevr let you Blog posts headings to be carry old years on them for example we are in 2019 and your blog post is still carrying the heading “How to make money online in 2017” seeing that your visitors will not be attracted to it because we are already in 2019

Each time i see something like that i just look for another post or just exit my browser and sleep because no body would love to read from an old outdated blog

Each time google carries out update you will notice you rankings will drop, even Domain Authority drops as well

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Updating you contents will maintain your traffic because this will notify google that you mean serious business so you will have no issues when Google Carries out updates

4. Build Email Lists

Some visitors come to your blog, read, go back and never come back again, the noly way to keep them coming back and wanting more of your contents is by building email lists

As a digital marketer you need to have an email list so as to send out mails to people about your latest products and offers, in that way you get will get more visitors buying from you everyday

While it’s important to understand the basics of building an email list, there’s no reason to put off learning more advanced techniques. The faster you learn, the more effective you become as an email marketer.

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Email marketing is the most effective ways to make sales and reach out to more people

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“For example, if you have a very detailed, 10-minute product demo video available on your website and throw in one of these forms 6 minutes into the video, there’s a pretty good chance you can collect some emails this way. Any prospect [who’s] already watched 6 minutes of your video is likely pretty engaged/interested in your product.

How To Build Email List

You can collect emails from visitors through pop up email subscription bar so that each user that comes to your site and is about leaving will be able to signup.

The second way to collect mails from visitors is with the Jertpark plugin, you can activate the email subscriber widget on your blog and collect mails too

So After Collecting Mails Whats Next?

You can use a free tool called mailchimp to send out mails to subscribers the only disadvantage with mailchimp is your emails most times ends up in spam folder, which your targeted visitor might not see them

Another tool i have for you is Getresponse, this tool is cool but not free its a paid too and it is very effective when it comes to sending out mails it has a monthly subscription of about 6,000 naira.

you will be given a bonus for up to 1000 emails free from the first month of subscription.

5. Always Reply To Comments “how to make money blogging”

Replying to comments on your blog articles is a sure way to keep the conversation flowing with your audience, each time you publish an Ebook or product for sale, give room for visitors to comment and also reply to their comments

In that way it is going to create a friendly environment for people to communicate and buy from you

Do you still have issues blogging? does this article on how to blog for profit provided you with useful information?

Are you working but not getting enough traffic? lets here from you in the comments section

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