Are you a parent? do you have kids? am sure you would love to learn how to teach kids to read at home, the joy of every parent is to watch and hear their kids speak fluently at young age its so common that most kids starts speaking even before reaching the age of 3

As you’ve probably noticed, there is no “magic formula” in learning how to teach kids to read. It involves simple step by step ways. Most people don’t think about the process of learning to read until they decide to start teaching their own children at home.

engaging kids into learning how to read may be the one that worries parents the most. We know that children will eventually talk, if we just wait until they’re ready, and learn their colors from merely interacting with the world. But when it comes to reading, we place a lot more pressure on them and on ourselves as well children are now expected to read earlier than ever before


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But even as our expectations continue to increase, the latest brain-development research shows that, on average, kids are simply not ready to start learning until around age 5. And those who do start sounding out words at younger ages aren’t necessarily brighter

In this article we are going to learn How To Teach Toddlers To Read At Home and of cause the hidden secretes to develop your child vocabulary

The good news is that although reading itself is a complex process, the steps taken in order to build these skills are fairly simple and straightforward. In order to teach kids how to read and make it a positive and rewarding experience, try these simple and time‑tested strategies below.

How To Teach Kids To Read At Home

1. Make simple word cards at home

Cut out simple cards and write a word containing three sounds on each one (e.g. ram, sat, pig, top, sun, pot, fin). Invite your child to choose a card, then read the word together and hold up three fingers. Ask them to say the first sound they hear in the word, then the second, and then the third. This simple activity requires little prep‑time and builds essential phonics and decoding skills (helping them learn how to sound out words). If your child is just starting out with learning the letters of the alphabet, focus on the sound each letter makes, more so than letter names.

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How To Teach Kids To Read At Home

2 Play Word Games At Home With Your Kids

How To Teach Kids To Read

Building on from the previous step, introduce simple word games on a regular basis. Focus on playing games that encourage your child to listen, identify and manipulate the sounds in words. For example, start by asking questions like “What sound does the word                      start with?” “What sound does the word                      end with?” “What words start with the sound                     ?” and “What word rhymes with                     ?”.

3 Take Your Kids Out To The Zoo/Museum

How To Teach Kids To Read

Its no doubt that kids learn better by what they see and not just what they hear, taking your kids out once in a while to the museum will help to increase their level of understanding and comprehension, seeing animals at the Zoo will make your kids never to forget their names which is a good way to skyrocket your child’s level of intelligence and retentive memory

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4. Understand Basic Skills Involved In Teaching Kids To Read

How To Teach Kids To Read

It’s important to remember that learning to read involves various different skills. There are five essential components of reading that you can read about here. These are the skills all children need in order to successfully learn how to read. In summary, these include:

  • Phonemic awareness – the ability to hear and manipulate the different sounds in words
  • Phonics – recognising the connection between letters and the sounds they make
  • Vocabulary – understanding the meaning of words, their definitions, and their context
  • Reading comprehension – understand the meaning of text, both in storybooks and information books
  • Fluency – the ability to read aloud with speed, understanding and accuracy
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5. Practice Reading Together And Ask Questions About The Book

A lot of people don’t realise just how many skills can be picked up through the simple act of reading to a child. Not only are you showing them how to sound out words, you’re also building key comprehension skills, growing their vocabulary, and letting them hear what a fluent reader sounds like. Most of all, regular reading helps your child to develop a love reading, which is the best way to set them up for reading success.

Strengthen your child’s comprehension skills by asking questions while reading. For younger children, encourage them to engage with the pictures (e.g. “Do you see the boat? What colour is the cat?”). For older children, ask questions about what you’ve just read, like “Why do you think the little bird was afraid?” “When did Sophie realise she had special powers?”

6 Blending Sounds

Moving from knowing single letters to reading words is all about blending the sounds together. Try this technique:

Pro tip: Keep it simple here. Stick to words where every letter makes its “normal” sound. Stay away from words where two letters work together to make a new sound, like the th in “the.”

7. Use Songs And Nursery Rhymes To Build Phonemic Awareness

Children’s songs and nursery rhymes aren’t just a lot of fun—the rhyme and rhythm help kids to hear the sounds and syllables in words, which helps them learn to read. A good way to build phonemic awareness (one of the most important skills in learning to read) is to clap rhythmically together and recite songs in unison. This playful and bonding activity is a fantastic way for kids to implicitly develop the literacy skills that will set them up for reading success.

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8. Be A Good Reading Example

How To Teach Kids To Read

Even if your child is fascinated with books from an early age, her fascination will quickly dwindle if she does not see reading modeled in her home. If you are not an avid reader yourself, make a conscious effort to let your children see you reading for at least a few minutes each day! Read a magazine, a cookbook, a novel, your Bible…it’s up to you! But show your child that reading is something that even adults need to do. If you have a son, share this article with your husband. Sons need to see their fathers read, especially since it is not something that young energetic boys are naturally prone to doing.

Learning to read should be an enjoyable process in order to keep kids motivated to improve. Sometimes a child might be full of excitement and eagerness to learn at the beginning, but once they hit a wall can feel overwhelmed and give up easily. As a parent, it can feel impossible to pick up again and know where to fill in any gaps that may be causing frustration.

These are the few ways on “how to teach kids to read at home” If you enjoyed reading this article,kindly leave us a comment below. Thanks for reading through

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