how to record screen on iphone
how to record screen on iphone

Step by step instructions to record screen on iPhone, presently you may ponder that what is so extraordinary and new about account screen in iPhone, we are doing this from quite a while and we have a simple to-utilize application for this. However, no, I’m not discussing the old manner by which you needed to get the assistance of an outsider application to record your iPhone’s screen, yet for the strategy, I am discussing, you won’t require an outsider application. Read Also

In spite of the fact that this inbuilt element of screen recording is accessible in the iPhone for quite a while, however it must be empowered by going into settings, and afterward no one but it very well may be utilized, so still numerous individuals don’t know about this component. So how about we know, how might we empower screen recording on iPhone? Also, how might we record the screen on the iPhone

How To Enable Screen Recording Feature On iphone

how to enable screen recording in iphone

So to enable screen recording feature on your iPhone, follow these step by step guides below

1. Open settings option in your iPhone and then find and click on “Control Center” option then click on the “Customize Controls” option.
In the “Customize Controls” option, find the “Screen Recording” option, but If it is not already in the included section, then tap the green symbol on the green. And then it will move to the “Include” section.

2. Now the Screen Record icon should appear in your Control Center, which you can use easily by swiping up from the bottom of iPhone screen and in new iPhones such as iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR, swiping down from the top right edge.According to

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So the screen recording is now enabled,now let start the recording.


1.Open settings alternative in your iPhone

2.Now sliding up your iPhone screen from the bottom to above and if you have a new iPhones such as iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR, then swap down from the top right edge of the screen, it will open the control center of your iPhone.

3. In the control center, you will see the recording button, so click on it

4.Once you click on the recording button, a countdown of three seconds will start.

5. After the three seconds, the record button will turn into red and the screen recording process will start, everything running on your screen, whatever tabs you open, video you see everything you are doing on your iPhone all that is being recorded

6. This feature records your iPhone screen continuously even if you close the Control Center, and you can examine this that the recording running or not via the recording time, which shown in the upper left corner

7.Now once you have done, you can stop recording easily by clicking on the red time(recording time) indicator at the top left of the screen and then click on “Stop”.


In the event that you additionally need to offer voice to your account, at that point in the fourth point where we tapped on the chronicle catch as opposed to clicking, press profoundly on that record catch. It will open Screen Recording choices, at that point click on the amplifier symbol, and turn on the mouthpiece choice and snap on begin recording

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Where Can I Find The Screen Recording In My iphone?

When you have halted the screen recording in your iPhone, you get your recorded screen video in the notice bar, from where you can tap on it and watch it. Also, on the off chance that you need to open it in your telephone’s stockpiling or exhibition, so you can get it on Camera Roll alternative

How To Edit The Recorded Video?

In the event that you need to alter your recorded video, for example, trim it for getting an ideal begin or end, You can do this effectively and spare it as another clasp which won’t influence the first video however will give you a recently altered adaptation of your video. So to do that, pursue these basic advances

1.Discover the video in the Photos application and snap on it and select alter alternative in the upper right-hand corner

2.Presently the alter screen will open before you. Where a slider bar will show up underneath your recorded video. There are switch bars on the two closures of the slider that enable you to alter your video outline by casing

3.After that Drag, the switch bars to make changes in accordance with the start or end of your screen recording

4.Furthermore, when you are totally sure that the altering has been finished effectively, click on the “Done” choice and remember to tap on “Spare as New Clip.”

So therefore,this is how to record screen on iphone without utilizing any outsider application.Presently you may have mindful that how to record screen in iPhone just as how to empower this element and alter the recorded video, still on the off chance that you any inquiries and perplexity in your brain in regards to this subject so you can ask us in the remarks segment below

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