Google Adsense 5 Best Alternatives For Your Website Or Blog

5 best google adsense alternatives for your website or blog

There are many of google adsense alternatives out there to consider or use,but it might be quite frustrating to determine or choose the right or best one that you can rely on. And knowing fully well that the outcome are transparent without any form of hidden charges or commissions.

In this Article,i will be teaching you about the most used and top 5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Websites or Blogs that anyone can try and see for themselves.It ia always advisable that you try at least a few monetization products so that the best paying can be found and effectively applied. Most times a combination of 2 or more can be the best or more profitable.

That is why in this article ,we will be providing you with the advantages and disadvantages on each of the products to be used to enable you make better decisions . In this article we will be looking at video,native,header bidding,direct and ecommerce advertising and referral.

Why You Should Try Something Else Aside Google Adsense.

Literally,google adsense is considered one if not best advertising products out there which is used by smaller websites or blogs with little traffic or page views . As the website or blog grows you may start thinking about applying for Google Adx, Advance Bidding . Generally there are two main reasons why anyone would consider alternatives to Google Adsense.

Reason number one:

You applied with your website or blog and due to one or two reasons why application was declined or rejected. These reasons could be

1.Insufficient contents, if there are no sufficients contents or blog post on your site,you should know that your application will definitely be rejected.

2.Poorly written article or quality post,poorly written article with no meaning to the audience or end consumers would not be accepted to display ads.

3.No privacy policy ,contact us , or about us pages.

>These are pages that make your website looks real and shows that there is a human behind the site and not some sought of robots,and it also make it look legit.

4.Your website design.

>Poorly designed or layout is totally a turn off for Google Adsense,as advertisers would love their banners to be shown in good positions with banner friendly layouts.

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5.Website or Blog does not complies with Google Adsense policies.

>If your site traffic is not unique or your site has poor designs or not coded properly,or even Better still excessive keywords stuffing usually get rejected.

Reason Number Two.

You might be thinking that there is something better out there and you could be earning massive revenue just by trying some other product rather than just depending on Google as the sole buyer of your beautiful website inventory. Most large websites probably do not solely depend Google Adx or Adsense and the reason for that is the advertising world has expanded rapidly and other solutions with implemented Artificial Intelligence are available to choose from.

The most recommended and widely used Adsense alternative is header bidding. That is to say: to make Google more competitive and squeeze more revenue it made to fight against other such ad exchanges called SSPS(Supply Side Platforms) this way the highest bidder wins the chance to display their advertisement on your site.

1.Google Ad Exchange (Adx)

Google Adx is the next step for bigger publishers and websites. Some say that you don’t have to look for them, they find you. First let’s look at the main differences between Adsense and Adx. Google has created a comparison table where it has stated all of the differences between these two products.

The main difference between Adx and Adsense is that Adx is based on eCPM(effective cost per thousand impressions), where Adsense pays per clicks. If your website users are very engaged in your content there might be cases where Adsense actually pays more even with less buyers, additionally if the banner is in a clickable position(sticky for example) then you might want to consider not using Adx in such placements on your website or blog


Ad Exchange allows all vendors

It is a programmatic platform with Real Time Bidding technology for premium websites and they can be paired with premium/high quality advertisers.

Access to advertisers such as AdWords, AdX, Local and Global DSPs with RTB Integration.

Ability to make inventory available in as anonymous, branded, semi-transparent, or through a combination two.

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Advanced reporting.

Publishers keep 80-90% of revenue, whereas Adsense only keeps 68%.

Filtering of ads is very extensive:

URL Blocking,

Advertiser blocking,

Ad Technologies blocking,

Data and cookies usage blocking.


.Minimum threshold to apply for Google Ad Exchange is 5 million visitors per month.

.To get an account you need to have a dedicated Google account rep or you work with a certified Publisher Partner, like Setupad.

Links to the website: Google Ad Exchange info: Google Adexchange Information Page Programmatic Advanced Bidding

If the reason for your website being rejected is not copyrighted content or you want to increase your revenue and not just depend on Adsense should consider a product that is based on advanced bidding and has some experience in the field. Most of the large and good SSPS(Supply Side Platforms or simple Ad Exchanges) require minimum amount of monthly requests that are close to 100 million, for a small publisher this is unreachable but products such as Setupad have a solution that allows them to add these high quality buyers and earn you more revenue. They have more than 15+ international high grossing SSPS that can help anyone monetize their website to its full potential.


Great support and individual optimization for each website.

Increase in revenue guaranteed 30%-70% – really depends on the website, visitors, traffic sources and geography.

A lot of SSP’s in a smartly created Header Bidding.

Banner, video and native advertising products.


Minimum pay is 200 euros

Payment is 80 days, most SSP’s pay in 60-90 days so it makes sense.

Amazon Associates Program:

Amazon was the company that paved the way for the affiliate programs and was one of the first to offer this to the public in 1998. At first it was all about buying and selling books, people could earn money by referring friends or really anyone. This was how Amazon managed to spend zero money on advertising and bringing in large amount of visitors only by the referral program. We suggest you do a thorough research and get to know this product well.

Here is what we found. To be an affiliate of amazon you do not need to have a minimum threshold and really anyone can apply with many products to promote and with tools to help you sell specific items. Reporting helps with analytics that can help with generating more clicks and impressions. Even if the visitor does not buy a product right away it, when he/she returns to the website and decides to actually purchase it you will earn commission. This is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives if Google has declined your website.

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creating your own advanced header bidding solution

Creating your own header bidding is time consuming and complex as there are many SSP’s and DSP’s that need to be added in order for it to work. To simply put: Header Bidding is an auction where Ad Exchanges(SSP’s, DSP’s) are placing bets on each position of your website and the highest bidder will win a chance to display their ad banner. The bids are based on eCPM(effective cost per thousand impressions).
For example: Buyer 1 bids: 0.3, buyer 2 bids: 0,11, buyer 3 bids: 0,33. Winner: Buyer 3 with 0,33 eCPM.

Taboola Native Advertisng:

Taboola is one of the most popular native advertising products for publishers and advertisers. Did you know: native ads can come in virtually any shape or size, so long as the publisher and advertiser clearly label the unit as “sponsored”. In 2015, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) began identifying some of the most widely used native formats, including in-feed units, promoted product listings, and recommendation widgets. Taboola guarantees a 100% fill rate across any geo location.

Revcontent Native Advertising:

Revcontent is content delivery and native advertising platform that is one of the fastest growing ad networks at the moment. It was first launched back in 2013 and has been increasing in size and product range since then. Each month Revcontent delivers more than 250 billion content recommendations, they serve some of the top content marketers such as CBS, Forbes, NBC News and others .

Well, these are some Google Adsense alternative to use on your blog or website. If you enjoyed reading this article do well to comment below and please don’t forget to share with friends and family.Thanks for reading

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