Adegbite Collins Adekola Popularly known by his Stage Name CEEPRINX a student of Federal University Of Technology Akure is one fast rising Nigeria act in the industry todayCopy linkIDOWEST – YE MAMA (OFFICIAL VIDEO)Ceeprinx who hail from Esa Oke in Osun state started his music career way back in 2017 with the aim of bringing Africa music to world […]

How To Create Your Old Age Photo Step By Step Guides-toptenblogz

How To Create Your Old Age Photo Features: People are sharing their seniority photograph on social stages, and the photographs they are sharing are so reasonable. So we should perceive how they are getting along in this way, and how you can make your seniority photograph From the previous couple of days, you may have […]

How to Record Screen on iPhone Without Using Any Third Party App

Step by step instructions to record screen on iPhone, presently you may ponder that what is so extraordinary and new about account screen in iPhone, we are doing this from quite a while and we have a simple to-utilize application for this. However, no, I’m not discussing the old manner by which you needed to […]

Now WhatsApp Can Ban You-See Reasons-toptenblogz

Features: Once again WhatsApp is prepared with some stringent guidelines, and this time Whatsapp won’t give you a notice, will boycott your records straightforwardly. So we should find in which conditions this could occur… And which you can also avoid. According tohttps://www.talkwidtech.com/whatsapp-ban-user-account Discharged in 2009, as of now, WhatsApp is world’s no. one texting application. […]

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“Best SEO plugins for wordpress 2019” The uses of the internet has grossly increased more than ever before. Nearly all internet activities starts with a simple search . So websites owners wants to be in the search engine report pages ( SERP) to fulfill their business needs or purpose. So there is the need for […]

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“8 best ways to save you mony today” Majority of the people are not aware of how much money is wasted or spent through all the gadgets and technology they own in their various homes. There are various machines within a home which takes up a lot of energy, which results in higher electricity bills,which […]

9 Best Plugins For WordPress 2019 You Should Install Now-toptenblogz

Before we proceed on this article,”9 best plugins for wordpress 2019″ Let us first understand the meaning of plugins , In a computing language, a plug-in is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing computer program. When a program supports plug-ins, it enables customization. Web browsers have historically allowed executables as […]


Causes of regret at old age ,When we were younger, we make various choice’s without the future in mind. Sometimes those choices bite us in our mid-life. These are some of the things one might regret when they’re older. Choosing the wrong spouse When you’re young, check your motives for marrying. Don’t marry to copy […]

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5 best google adsense alternatives for your website or blog There are many of google adsense alternatives out there to consider or use,but it might be quite frustrating to determine or choose the right or best one that you can rely on. And knowing fully well that the outcome are transparent without any form of […]

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How to get Google adsense approval quick in 2019. Well, before we proceed on how to get google adsense approval, let me walk you through the meaning of Google Adsense. Google adsense is a cost per click service ( CPC ) which is owned and managed Google international. AdSense is an advertisement service. It is […]